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FOREST – Forest Resources Sector Transparency, Uganda

The forest decreases disturbingly fast in Uganda. More than 1,3 million hectares has disappeared between 1990 and 2005 (26 percent). If the tendency continues, the forest will be lost within a couple of decades.

Not only is it important to safe the forest because of the biodiversity, but also because of Uganda’s economic situation and the population’s foundation of living – which especially counts the supply of tree and energy.  Despite the governments recognition of the deforestation, they have done very little to prevent the problem.

The purpose of the FOREST program (Forest Resources Sector Transparency) is to support civil society and Medias in Uganda. CARE wants to increase the transparency and responsibility and obtain a sympathetic response in the administration of the forest’s resources, which will be of benefit to Ugandan citizens.

Target Group
Organisations of the civil  society and different Medias in Uganda is the primary target group. Secondarily, the project aims to help poor locals, who depend strongly on nature’ resources or lives in protected areas of the forest.

One of the great challenges  is the missing control of the authorities management of the forest’s resources  in Uganda. The FOREST program intends to support organisations of civil society and Medias by:

– Keeping the government responsible for implementing policies and legislation in the forest  section

– Help poor locals, who depend strongly on nature’ resources, to become a part of the forestry

– Advocate a fair and necessary legislation on forestry and regulate it both national and internationally.

FOREST also supports research, political analysis and the development of campaigns to secure that local society is involved and that the actual policy is implemented.  Furthermore, CARE wants to document illegal and corrupted activity. The program wishes to strengthen the administration of the forest and include the population and transparency.

The activities will be implemented as a national program, focusing on three districts in the western Uganda.

Duration and budget 
The program will continue until 2017, and has a 30 million kroner budget. It is financed by Danida.

Partners/ organisations
Organisations of civil society and Medias on both a national and international level in Uganda, including Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment, Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda, Panos Eastern Africa, Joint Efforts to Save the Environment, Environmental Alert.



Morten Fauerby Thomsen
Programme Coordinator Uganda
+45 35 200 100