Wi-fi helps Ghanaian farmers

In collaboration with the Danish company BLUETOWN, we work to provide digital advice to those who need it most. Through a local wi-fi network, cocoa farmers have the opportunity to access the latest weather forecasts, learn about weather conditions, access agricultural advice and download materials on effective cultivation methods. These insights are important to get the most out of their farm and thereby secure sustenance and income.

Knowledge to combat hunger

The partnership with BLUETOWN provides access to their digital platform, Local Cloud. The project, called Connect the Unconnected, works to make relevant content available to farmers through the platform, which they can connect to without needing to pay for internet access. That way, they can get information from authorities, companies and experts that can help them improve their agriculture and increase their access to markets where they can sell their products.

This creates local economic growth, employment and averts possible food crises due to, for example, climate change.

Farmers in Ghana
Header: © Nana Kof iAcquah/ CARE Above © Nana Kof iAcquah/CARE

We start by connecting the cocoa farmers in southwestern Ghana to the cloud, where cocoa companies have posted videos on how they can produce more and better cocoa, so the farmers can sell their cocoa at a higher price.

Gain access to Wi-Fi

Sustainable business model

The Connect the Unconnected project is based on a sustainable business model, where business and development aid support each other and contribute to the fulfillment of the UN's global goals. The aim is to engage in aid work that increases human dignity, provides locals with access to economic markets, while also enabling testing of BLUETOWN's business models.

The project also focuses on how sharing knowledge about digital entrepreneurship can create jobs for the younger generations both in- and outside of farming.


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