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CLIMATE: Climate resilient livelihoods and risk reduction
A Participatory Scenario Planning approach.

CLIMATE: Climate Change
Why local adaption gives financial benefits.

CLIMATE: One Planet – One Future
Developing countries will bear 80% of the climate-damages.

CLIMATE: Tackling the Limits to Adaptation
Climate change: Loss and damages.

CLIMATE: Humanitarian Implications of Climate Changes
Human-induced changes  is modifying patterns of extreme weather.

CLIMATE: In Search of Shelter
Impacts of climate change is causing migration and displacement.

FOREST: Forests for all
1,6 billion people worldwide depend on forest.

FOOD: Speculation in food commodities
More than 18 million people are facing starvation in Sahel.

FOOD: While We Wait for Equal Trade
Locally produced milk in Niger can’t compete with cheap imported milk powder from Europe.

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CARE’s climate adaptation programme
Joto Afrika is a series of printed briefings and online resources about adapting to climate change in sub-Saharan Africa. The series will help people understand the issues, constraints and opportunities that poor people face in adapting to climate change and escaping poverty.

Read the magazine online:
Magasinet Joto Africa 2011
Magasinet Joto Africa 2012
Magasinet Joto Africa 2013