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IVEN – Influence Via Efficient Networks of civil society

The project aims to support two networks of civil society in Vietnam, and help them represent their members’ organisations and poor ethnical  minorities. 

Despite the restrictive terms of founding an organisation in civil society, the number is growing. But even though many of the organisations are fighting the same cause, most of them work individually.

The project wants to help poor ethnical minorites, who represent more than half of the poor in Vietnam. The project aims to improve the cooperation between the organisations of two networks. This will help them get a stronger more powerful voice in society. When talking the case of ethical minorities, it is important to remember decent analysis and concrete and verified ideas.

CARE is supporting in making thorough analysis and demonstrating how authorities can use new more efficient methods in their fight of getting ethnical minorities out of poverty.

Target Group:
Two networks of civil society in Vietnam, who represent around 40 organisations. Public authorities on local and national level are involved, and the project aims to reach more than 10.000 ethnical minorities.

First of all, CARE wishes to analyse the capacity of the networks and improve it.  The project will emphasises the wording of the networks’ goals and strategies, and help them improve the structure of their organisations.

Furthermore the business of advocating is an important part of the project. Here networks and their members are jointly analysing and planning their influence on the preparation of new policies and programs of poverty.

The need of making further research inside the area will be identified. This will help clarify poor ethnical minorities’ situation, which will work in their favor.

Two organisations, who work as the hosts of the networks, will implement two pilot projects in two provinces.

One of them is testing the new method of including ethnical minorities in local decision making processes. The other will demonstrate a new approach for health benefit especially focusing on women.

National focus, but pilot activities in the provinces of Cao Bang and Nghe Anh

Duration and budget:
March 2013 to February 2016. The budget is 4,65 million DKK (625.000 euros).

Partners/ organisations:
Partnership for Action in Health Equity (PAHE), A Vietnamese network with secretariat at the non-profit organisation, Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP), Network of Northern Mountainous Civil Society Organizations for Sustainable Community Development in Vietnam (NorthNet), A Vietnamese network with secretariat at the non-profit organisation, Cao Bang Community Development Centre (DECEN).


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