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CASI – self-determination and better living conditions for minorities

CASI means Civil Action for Socio-Economic Inclusion. It is the third phase of CARE Danmark’s long-termed project in northern Vietnam. CARE aims to help ethnical groups of minorities actualise their rights to self-determination in a sustainable way.

The program aims to strengthen the influence of exposed groups in the fight against poverty, and secure their rights to use productive resources, services and politician influence.

Target Group:
Ethnical groups of minorities, who are marginalised and vulnerable to natural disaster, and has limited access to productive resources, markets and welfare.

Especially women and girls are overexposed, because they are in lack of economically opportunities, live in distant areas, meet language barriers and are excluded from politics and decision making processes.

The program aims to improve civil organisations’ opportunity of representing poor people‘s conditions and rights, and their ability to make an impact on the government’s policy in areas like environment and agriculture.

CARE wants to improve the local administration of nature’ resources, and raise the voice of ethnical minorities in local committees. CARE also fights for equal rights in the need of productive resources, services and common goods. Local societies’ ability of handling natural disasters like floods, typhoons and cyclones will be strengthened. Nationally, CARE is working on bringing climate adaptation and ethnical minorities’ rights into focus.

Furthermore, CARE aims to strengthen civil society’s organisations, which will make them more capable of speaking out for ethnical groups and making a politician impact in society.

CARE works both nationally and internationally in northern Vietnam.

Duration and budget:
The third phase was implemented in 2010 and runs until 2015. The yearly budget is 5 million kroner, DKK. The program is financed by Danida.

The main partner is the Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE), The Agriculture and Forestry Research and Development Centre for Northern Mountainous Region (ADC), Culture Identity and Resources Use Management (CIRUM), and the organisation Sustainable Rural Development (SRD).



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