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Jobs and future for the forgotten generation in Northern Uganda

In 2006 a 20 year long violent and bloody insurgency in North Uganda ended. 1.6 million people were displaced and forced to stay in protected camps. Today the children of the war are North Uganda’s youth, who risks of becoming a lost generation with traumatic experience and highly uncertain economic and social future. The project objective is to support young men and women and their potentials to improve their living conditions and income, so they get opportunities to climb out of poverty, insecurity and disillusionment, which they have grown up with during the years of disorder.

Target group
The project target group is 5500 young men and women age 14 to 25 years old, who are part of the post-civil war generation. The project will identify young people, who are particularly vulnerable as a result of the war; former child soldiers, sex slaves and others who were kidnapped by the rebel army, children who are orphans, drug addicts or infected with HIV; and young people who haven´t been able to take an ordinary school education as a consequence of the war.

The project aims to create 220 savings and loans groups of young men and women, whose members are trained in saving and loan group principles and business approaches. These groups will be supported intensively the first year and hereafter the groups will be followed and supported if needed. The activities will emphasis on the young people´s own resources and aims to improve their terms to establish their own business within e.g. agriculture and trading. This part of the project will be financed by Thune Fonden.

Also, the project aims to improve the young people´s income and employment by supporting them with training in agricultural production and business practises. This component of the project will be supported financially by the National Telethon 2012.

Furthermore, the project will focus on activities which strengthen the young people´s access to information and knowledge about their rights including civil and human rights. The project will also strengthen the young people´s social resources and increase their opportunities to influence decision-making processes that affect them. These components will be financed by the National Telethon 2012.

The activities will be implemented in the northern part of Uganda in the following districts: Gule, Amuru and Nwoya.

Duration and budget
The project started on 1st July, 2012 and is scheduled for completion 30th June, 2015 with a total budget of 4,9 million DKK. Thune Fonden has allocated 497.156 DKK to the project and the National Telethonsupports the project with 3.573.902 DKK over a three year period.

The activities will be carried out by CARE´s two local partners in the region, Diocese of Northern Uganda and Gulu Women Economic Empowerment, both are respected in the communities and work closely with the local municipal authorities.




Morten Fauerby Thomsen
Programme Coordinator Uganda
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