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Insecure lands

Pastoralism plays an important role in  the Nigerien economy; pastoral areas cover close to 3/4 of the country and livestock production accounts for 40 pct. of agricultural GDP. Today, pastoralists are witnessing an escalation of land acquisitions and illegal occupations of pastoral land by foreign investors, local elites and farmers. This is threatening the mobility of the pastoralists and thereby their access to water and grazing land, which is essential for their survival.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society actors and pastoralists to document and inform e.g. decision makers about the illegal leasing of pastoral land, as well as to mobilize the civil society, create campaigns and appeal to national courts and to the UN’s system of human rights, when pastoralists’ rights are being violated.

Target group
The primary target group of the project is pastoralists in Niger and civil society organizations, who represents the interests and rights of the pastoralists.

Strengthen the capacity of the civil society to mobilize and advocate for the pastoralists rights to land, both at local and national level.

Establish a database and a monitoring network comprised of local leaders, representatives of pas-toralist groups and public institutions, which will document and inform relevant decision makers at local, national and international level (UN’s UPR-mechanism) on issues regarding illegal leasing of land and right violations.

Strengthen the capacity of civil society actors, who represents nomads, in order for them to use the legal system and provide legal assistance to pastoralists in cases where their lands are illegally acquired or leased.

The project will be implemented in pastoral areas of the central and northern part of Niger.

Duration and budget
The project started in July 2014 and is scheduled for completion in May 2017 with a budget of DDK 3.4 million financed by Danida.

The project is implemented in close collaboration with our partners, AREN og Billital Maroobe.

Billital Maroobe: A regional pastoral network, who represent 400.000 pastoralists in seven West African countries including Niger. Since 2003, Billital Maroobe has promoted the pastoralists’ eco-nomic, social and political rights and interests in West Africa through policy dialogue and advocacy.

AREN (Association pour la Redynamisation de l’Elevage): AREN is organised at different levels. At the base there are now more than 2500 local groups with a total of 60.000 members, of which about 30.000 are women. AREN covers 8 regions in Niger and 35 departments and has since 1990 promoted and advocated for the rights of pastoralists, including their land rights, to be respected and fulfilled.


Line Gamrath Rasmussen

Line Gamrath Rasmussen
Programme Coordinator, Niger
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