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MUKTI – Rights of indebted Haliyas

Modern slavery is practised in the western area of Nepal. If a farmer, who is indebted to a landowner, can’t refund his debt, both the farmer and his family will be indebted as “slaves” – a so called Haliya.  This means that they will be forced to work for the landowner until the debt is paid off. Even though the original loan is small the interest rate will be immensely big, which will make it impossible for the farmer and his family to pay back.

The overriding purpose of the MUKTI project is to secure rehabilitation of Haliyas and obtain recognition from the government and local society regarding their living rights.

Target group:
The project aims to help 150.000 Haliyas resident in Nepal. Basically, the project works with education and capacitive construction of Haliyans’ rights among human rights organisations, journalists and employees of the government and politician leaders.

The purpose is achieved by strengthening the capacity of indebted people’s organisation, RHMSF, which will give them the opportunity to talk efficient about protection and fulfillment of the Haliyas’ rights.

CARE aims to establish a system of surveillance and documentation on violation of Haliyas’ rights. This is done by:

  • Exposing strengths and weaknesses of RHMSF in areas like strategy development and technically minded work.
  • Creating attention to Haliyas’ situation among decision-making politicians and citizens.
  • Educating members of organisations in human rights.
  • Strengthening RHMSF’s work in other organisations, which will help them create jointly attention on Haliyans’ rights.
  • Securing documentation on violated rights, which will prosecute the violators

The districts of Bajura, Baitadi, Bajhang, Kanchanpur, Dadeldhura, Doti, Achham, Darchula and Surkhet in the western part of Nepal.

Duration and budget:
The project runs in a period of three years until the end of 2014. The 2.790.000 kroner budget is financed by EU and CARE Danmark.

Partners/ organisations:
The organisation RHMSF (Federation of National Haliya Liberation Societies) was established in 2008. Since then, a number of protests and concrete demands on Haliyas’ rights have been delivered to the government of Nepal; liberation of Haliyas, debt relief, granting of lot in farming and emission of identity cards. With assistance from international society, RHMSF signed a deal with the government in 2008.



Morten Fauerby Thomsen

Morten Fauerby Thomsen
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