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BHAROSA – Better living conditions for HIV-infected

Bharosa means trust. The project aims to decrease the social and economic consequences of HIV and aids by giving local societies of Bajhang and Bajura access to prevention, care and support.

More than 90 percent of all young men in the area flee from the districts, because of poverty and great unemployment. About ten percent return to home with HIV, which they often pass on to their partners and children. Discrimination and stigmatising of HIV-positives is a big problem. Women are particularly vulnerable.

The district’s healthcare system can’t handle the disease. They don’t know how provide prevention, treatment and care. Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and groups of villagers are trying to prevent the diseases, but they are in lack of capacity and strategies.

Target Group:
The project aims to reach more than 10.000 families, which counts about 56.000 people, who are affected or involved in seasonal work and migration. HIV-positive men and women will be brought into focus as resource persons in different activities. Secondary, the project aims to support Civil Society Organisations and groups of self-help, organs in district authorities and health supporters in the local area.

Radio Campaigns is a great part of the project. They are supposed to reduce discrimination and stigmatising of HIV-positives.
The project wants to involve local societies in the construction of better health care.  CARE wants to protect future villagers against HIV and aids by strengthen Civil Society Organisations and governmental organs. The local organisations will recieve education in advocating activity, which will help them secure means of the district’s budget and private companies.

Lessons learned will be documented and shared widely with other NGO’s in Nepal.

The districts of Bajhang and Bajura in the western region of Nepal.

Duration and budget:
The project will be implemented in a period of three years starting in 2011. The budget is estimated at 5.789.744 kroner.

Partners/ organisations:
CARE Danmark and CARE Nepal cooperates with two local organisations; PEACEWIN in the district of Bajura and Saipal Youth Club in the district of Bajhang, both with roots in the community.

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Maria Ploug Petersen
Programme Coordinator, Nepal