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PACT – Partnership and alliance in civil society for rights to land and nature’s resources

The PACT-program will strengthen civil society’s organiations both on a local and national level. This will help poor people in the countryside in Mozambique to defend their interests and rights.

Target Group:
CAREs local partners want to work with formal and informal groups of men and women, who are trying to improve their livelihood through agriculture and trade. The program wants to strengthen local groups’ influence on authorities. Another important target group is CAREs partners, organisations, who will be strengthened both organizationally and in their ability to affect political questions about land, agriculture and rights.

The program will strengthen the organisations’ capacity to improve their members interests. Through local activity the organisations have to improve local groups by increasing their income from agriculture and by fighting for their rights. PACT wants to help local societies register their land. The organisations will be instructed on how to improve the trade and avoid cheating between the investors and the local men and women.

Nampula and Cabo Delgado in the north of Mozambique, and Inhambane. Most activities will be areas, which are attractive for investors.

Duration and budget:
The PACT-program takes place in 2013, and will continue for six years with a 4 million kroner budget.

Partners/ organisations:

União Nacional de Camponesas (UNAC) – Mozambique’s national organisation of farmers
Associação Rural de Ajuda Mútua (ORAM) – National union of mutual help among farmers
Associação Nacional de Extensão Rural (AENA) – National union of agricultural counseling

Besides that, a number of networks, who are working with women’s rights and improved standards of small farming, will support the program.  


Rolf Hernøe

Rolf Hernø
Programme Coordinator, Mozambique
+45 35 200 100