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Climate Adaptation for Poor Farmers in the Northern Laos

Northern Uplands – Promoting Climate Resilience (NU-PCR)

The purpose of the NU-PCR project is to prepare poor farmers against climate disasters, which are increasingly threatening their livelihoods by destroying the agricultural production.

Target Group
The NU-PCR project aims to reach 78.000 people in three districts in the northern province of Laos which is about half of the population of the province.

The project aims to train and educate 7.500 members of community-based organizations and officials from relevant government authorities. Around 70.000 farmers will be reached through various training sessions based on methods from the community-based organizations.

The activities in the project will introduce the farmers to improved agricultural practices, techniques and adaptable crops, which can boost their crop yields and help to make the harvest more predictable. Also, the project aims to help the local population diversify their livelihoods by also breeding livestock.

To ensure that the farmers will gain profit from the agricultural activities, the project will bring together farmers on the one hand and traders and buyers of agricultural products on the other. The farmers will get the opportunity to join saving and loan groups where they can save money, take loans and invest in new income-generating activities, which will make them less dependent on only one source of income.

To reduce the damage from new disasters the NU-PCR project will help the communities to prepare for disasters, for example by creating warning systems to ensure that people in the communities can escape in time from flooding or similar disasters.

Experiences from the project will be documented and used to inform politicians and authorities to ensure that better strategies and policies in the future will help more of the poor people in Laos in their struggle against climate change.

Samphan, Ngot Ou and Mai districts in Phongsaly province in Laos.

Duration and budget
September 2013 to August 2017. Total budget is about 16 DKK million of which the EU has supported with 12 DKK million kroner.

Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Development Association (SAEDA) and Comité de Coopération avec le Laos (CCL)

To know more about the project please contract Programme Coordinator Flemming Gjedde-Nielsen.


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