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Kilimo Biashara

Agriculture is the primarily occupation in Kenya, where families are farming small areas of land. Farming secures food and a permanent income to cover expenses like education and medicine. But the income is often very little, and the families have a hard time getting in to a bigger market of trade.  Besides that, the families have a hard time growing products in the right amount and quality that will fit the demand.

Kilimo Biashara is trying to create a connection between the farmers and the market, which will increase the commercial outlet. The purpose of the program is to get as many farmers as possible to provide Coop’s Kenyan supplier, Sunripe, with vegetables. Besides that, the program aims to improve the production and quality of their vegetables, which will increase their sales and income.

Target Group:
The project includes more than 300 farmer, who are already delivering vegetables to Sunripe; mostly green beans, baby corns and sugar snaps. Hopefully, many more farmers will be delivering vegetables and sign a contract with Sunripe in the future.

The program wants to help farmers take action with the market and produce products of quality in Sunripe. Kilimo Biashara is also working on establishing loan projects, which will secure better access to capital and seed corn, manure and other needed supplies of good quality. Education in agriculture is very important to increase the farmers’ production and the quality of their vegetables. Besides that, the program is focusing on reducing cases of rejected products by providing the farmers with feedback. This means that the process will be followed from seed to store, which also secures the best working conditions for both the farmer, the supplier and the store.

The farmers are learning how to build stocks for keeping their products, and there will be supported in the establishment of democratically co-operatives.

In the area of Kinangop in the northern Kenya.

Duration and budget:
The program runs from 2012- 2014. COOP is financing the project together with Danida, while CARE Danmark is cooperating with Sunripe, who are implementing the project.

COOP and the supplier of vegetables, Sunripe. Sunripe is supplying COOP with green beans, baby corns and sugar snaps under the label of ’Savannah’.

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Nanna Callisen Bang
Programme Coordinator
Tlf: 35 200 100