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Information and dialogue on land rights in Laos

Participation of remote ethnic groups for good forest governance (Go-FoGo)

The aim of the project is to strengthen local organisations working with land rights and forest management in Laos in order to improve local forest governance. CARE supports the organisations in improving their dialogue with Laotian authorities as well as in promoting and strengthening collaboration between village groups and authorities about land issues.

Target Group
National civil society organisations and local groups in 65 villages, representing more than 24.000 people from ethnic minority groups.

The project is divided into three overall areas. In the first target area, the project builds the capacity of civil society organisations working with land rights. This includes training in rights related to forest management, in how to deal with gender discrimination in local planning and in how an organisation can become more involved in the political debate. Furthermore, the project attempts to promote better coordination and collaboration between the organisations, for example by providing support to a civil society network working with land rights in Laos, called Land Issues Working Group.
In the second target area the project works in 65 villages, where CARE carries out a basic training program in human rights. This is followed up by consultations between community groups and local authorities, as well as by support for more sustainable forestry use.
The third target area is focusing on the political dialogue between civil society organisations and the Laotian authorities. Here different studies help to shed light on aspects of land rights issues in Laos. There is also an attempt to create new platforms for dialogue.

The project is carried out on a national level. Activities related to the second target area are directed at eight districts: Ngot Ou, Samphan, Sing, Mahasay, Monlapamok, La, Namor and Dakcheung.

Duration and budget
April 1st, 2014 to September 30th, 2016. The budget is approximately 2.5 million DDK.

Social Development Alliance (SODA)
Green Community Alliance (GCA)
Comité de Coopération avec le Laos (CCL)

To learn more about the project, please contact Programme Coordinator Flemming Gjedde-Nielsen.


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