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Centre of Expertise; Poverty Environment and Climate Change Network

CARE International has selected CARE Danmark to run the organisation’s first Centre of Expertise; Poverty Environment and Climate Change Network (PECCN). The Centre of Expertise works with climate changes and the climate’s influence on the living condition of poor people in the developing countries.

The climate changes hit widely. Especially the poor groups of population get affected, because of their limited influence on the changes in the weather and their inability to resist the negative consequence.  The climate changes often have a destroying influence on these people. Through the Centre of Expertise, CARE wants to brace the organisation in helping these people, and contribute to a better more efficient effort in the field.

CARE uses more than 5 billion kroner a year on securing and improving the living conditions of poor people in the developing countries. A significant part of these finances are used directly on activities concerning the climate and climate change.

The Centre of Expertise expands the knowledge on how to adjust the climate changes and prepare on critical situations. This is done by introducing new systems of agriculture, which are more sustainable in situations of increased temperatures or rainfall. The Centre of Expertise contributes to securing the quality of the activities, which points at climate adaptation. Because the consequences of climate changes become more destroying, the center is focusing on food security, prevention of emergencies and financial compensation from irreversible damages.

Politically, the center finds it extremely important to illuminate the consequences of climate changes for poor and underprivileged people and advocate their rights across borders. Preservation of forests is a concrete example on the importance of hearing the voice of poor people. They are often considered as one of the main reasons to the forests’ disappearing, but the Centre of Expertise believes that they are a great part of the solution.

CARE was responsible for delivering a letter to the ministers of COP17 in Doha, regarding the financial compensation for loss and damages as a result of climate changes. 24 different organisations signed the letter.

Duration and Budget:
The Centre of Expertise was establish in January 2011 and has a registered office in CARE Danmark Copenhagen with five internationally acknowledged climate experts and four programme officers, who are installed around the world. The center has a budget on 6 million kroner a year, financed through CARE Internationals organisations, state donors and private funds.

Partners/ organisatons:
The Centre of Expertise runs by partnerships, including IUCN, UNDP, WWF, Climate Change Advocacy, Germanwatch, Bread for the World, Climate Action Network (CAN), Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) under FN, Global Gender and Climate Alliance (GGCA), Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA) and UN University, UNOCHA.
The center wants to invite other partnerships, both governmental and other public institutions.


Lisbeth Møller
Programme Director
+45 35 200 100