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One of UN’s Millennium Development Goals is to provide safe drinking-water to 50 percent more people in the world by 2015, and CARE is actively engaged in the efforts of achieving this goal.

CARE Denmark is working on improving the access to water, sanitation and hygiene, for example though the establishment of wells, irrigation systems and latrines and by informing and advising local communities on the importance of sanitation and hygiene. The aim is to reduce water-borne diseases, including diarrhea and cholera, and thereby improve especially children’s health.

In the project CHIURE in northeastern Mozambique, CARE is working on drilling wells and establishing hand pumps in the efforts to create a stable supply of drinking water and improve sanitary conditions in the villages.

Since 2006, CARE has worked in Niger to ensure access to water and improve sanitation and health in desert areas, where nomads live. About twenty percent of the population in Niger is nomads and they comprise a vulnerable group when it comes to rights violations. In CARE’s program PROGRES we are fighting to bring more investments into the desert areas that constitute the homes of the nomads’, in order to ensure equal access to basic rights such as healthcare and clean drinking water.

In another, more fertile area of Niger, CARE has implemented the TARKA project, in which CARE is working on ensuring supply of clean water and promoting environmentally sustainable farming techniques. The Tarka Valley is Niger’s main area for onion production and from here products are sold both locally and exported to markets in Nigeria. To increase the production, farmers have previously applied substantial amounts of chemical fertilizers and the result has been contamination of the groundwater. CARE is working on solving this issue through the implementation of Ecosan technology, which makes it possible to separate and use urine to fertilize the farmer’s fields. The goal is that the use organic fertilization through Ecosan technology will improve both public health and the environment.

To know more about CARE Denmark’s work on ensuring clean water in developing countries, please contact Programme Coordinator Line Gamrath Rasmussen or Rolf Hernø.

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