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80 percent of Ghana’s tropical forest has already been destroyed. Large scale deforestation is carried out by private timber companies that have ignored all current legislation – and gotten away with it. Most of the stolen timber has been exported to the EU. Not only has the deforestation caused an irreversible loss of animal and plant life, it has also contributed to increasing poverty.

CARE has played a leading role in organising a number of local Ngo’s working within the fields of forestry and poverty reduction. the result has been the emergence of a strong umbrella organisation that through its advocacy activities, both locally and with the EU, has succeeded in establishing compulsory certification of timber.

Their work has furthermore forced the government and private companies to create transparency within the timber trade. At the same time local communities have been made aware of their rights, and have themselves become effective watchdogs in controlling the activities of private companies. CARE Danmark has fields of forestry in Nepal, Vietnam, LaosGhana and Uganda. To know more about CARE Danmark’s work with forestry in developing countries please contact Programme Coordinator Morten Fauerby Thomsen Read more about CARE Danmark’s other focus areas: Agriculture Value Chains Gender Equality & Micro Finance Water Climate Change Food Security CARE Danmark works in: Ghana Kenya Laos Mozambique Nepal Niger Tanzania Uganda Vietnam Globally