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Climate Change

Year after year droughts and floods steal the harvest and threaten the livelihoods of the world’s poor people. Therefore we need to act quickly and create practical solutions that can prevent disasters before they happen – we must fight to ensure that political leaders and populations in the poor, as well as the rich parts of the world honour their responsibilities and change their habits.

On behalf of all the members of CARE international, CARE Danmark leads a centre of expertise focusing on climate adaptation, poverty reduction and the environment. The network shares basic knowledge on innovative and effective solutions serving to strengthen the ability of the world’s most vulnerable people to deal with climate changes before disaster strikes.

But the network also advocates for the signing of a global climate agreement that meets the needs of those people who are hit hardest by a changing climate and for the respect of these people’s rights to for example forestry resources.

The centre of expertise is the first of its kind within CARE international. However, it has already received recognition for its ability to integrate expertise and share experiences from both the North and the South for climate initiatives that strengthen the resilience of people most vulnerable to climate change.

To know more about CARE Danmark’s work with climate in developing countries please contact Programme Coordinator Rolf Hernø

In addition to the country-specific programmes CARE Denmark is working globally with climate change and sustainable nature resource management through the hosting of CARE International’s Poverty, Environment and Climate Change Network – PECCN

CARE Denmark is also working with a climate network across developing countries through the programme Southern Voices. It aims to give people who live with the consequences of climate change on a daily basis a clearer voice in decision-making processes.

If you want to know more about PECCN please feel free to contact administrative assistant Janne Lykke Facius
For more information on Southern Voices please contact programme coordinator Peter With

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