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Focus Areas

If we are to succeed in protecting the environment, preventing disasters, and promoting development for the world’s most poor and vulnerable people, those in power must be held responsible. We need to ensure that the needs and rights of the world’s poorest people are recognised in the countries where we work – as well as in our own part of the world.

Bringing matters to a head, CARE is not responsible for ensuring access to clean water, food, agricultural advisors, and gender equality for poor people in developing countries. It is the duty of each individual state to take care of its citizens and ensure their rights as well as a life in dignity and security. Therefore, CARE promotes the strengthening of local resources, movements, organisations and interests. This creates a counterweight to political leaders, and holds governments accountable.

At the same time, it often makes good sense to support local community based organisations in for example the construction of wells and cereal banks, or the establishment of village savings and loans associations. The organisations in this way become CARE partners, and their efforts stand out as powerful best-case scenarios that in turn may influence legislation, spread best practices, or change worn-out traditions and habits thereby promoting development, gender equality and sustainability.

In addition CARE will, in some cases, continue carrying out direct implementation in local communities. The scenarios in which CARE might take on the role of direct implementer includes fragile environments with too few or extremely weak local organisations, and critical moments leading up to, during and after disasters. In addition, CARE needs on an on-going basis to test and develop new solutions to poverty reduction, to document effects and to share experiences.

To know more about CARE Danmark’s work in developing countries please contact Programme Director Lisbeth Møller.

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