Project description - The Milky Way to Development - CARE

Project description – The Milky Way to Development

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The Ambition – finding win-win solutions for the dairy sector in Europe and West Africa

The common ambition of the partners in the alliance is to develop a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable market for milk in West Africa that allows both small farmers and large companies to produce and deliver their products to the market.  This happens in a dialogue leading to concrete initiatives between West African industrial dairies that are already involved in the sector, European industrial dairies who are concerned about their social responsibility and their long-term commercial strategy, the most forward-thinking dairy producer organisations, and finally regional political institutions, such as ECOWAS and UEMOA.

The Alliance

  • Coordinated by the sustainable development NGO CARE Denmark and financed by Danida.
  • Partners: CIRAD – a leading French/West African research institution.
  • Billital Maroobe Network – a regional pastoral farmer organisation representing 500.000 West African pastoralists
  • The Danish Agriculture and Food Council representing the farming and food industry in Denmark
  • Copenhagen Business School – one of the largest business schools in Europe.
  • Arla Foods – the third largest dairy cooperative in the world – has since joined the alliance.

Concrete Results

  • The consequences of the reformed EU agricultural policy on households in West Africa are documented.
  • Local milk producers, dairy industries in West Africa and in Europe are aware about the consequences.
  • The positioning of national dairy umbrella organizations is reinforced.
  • Industrialized dairies in West Africa and European dairy enterprises are equipped with the tools and knowledge to undertake socially responsible business in the region.
  • Consumer confidence and loyalty in dairy products ‘made in Sahel’ is improved and fair prices for small-scale producers are negotiated.

Contact: CARE Danmark, Programme Coordinator Line Gamrath Rasmussen: